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Do you like bondage, discipline, tight lacing and other forms of restraint placed upon fetish clad females for the
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Story by Mikki G, Illustrations by Sasha Spyce

“And now ladies and gentlemen,” intoned Madame Beaulingerie, “it is my great pleasure to introduce to you our benefactress, sponsor, founder and organizer of our annual Girdle Fetish Fashion Show, none other than Madame Georgette herself, owner and operator of Georgette’s Gorgeous Girdle Salon and Head Mistress of the exclusive Figure Training and Girdle Discipline Academy.  As a special treat ladies and gentlemen, Madame Georgette, for the very first time, has brought along one of her very special friends and promising new students of her world famous Academy, the sweet and very demure, Miss Dorothy.“

 “As you can plainly see,” informed the Mistress of Ceremonies, “Miss Dorothy is wearing a very traditional and highly restrictive foundation garment designed by Madame Georgette especially for the many matronly figured ladies who attend her Academy. You will note that the brassier portion of this single piece foundation is designed to capture all the fleshiness of the middle-aged matron’s undisciplined breasts that bulge even under her arms, and then to lift, separate and display them to their greatest potential.  The midriff of this training corselet is lined with numerous concave bones that have been especially designed and constructed so that when the numerous front hook and eye fastenings have been closed and the front zipper pulled shut they will compress and even pinch the matron’s expanded waste line into a more eye pleasing shape.  The lower portion of this magnificent figure control foundation is constructed with front lacings surrounded by stiff boning designed to restore discipline to the matron’s sagging abdomen and her plumpish hips and upper thighs.  And finally, I am sure that you girdle enthusiasts have all noticed the large number of garters that provide an evenly measured downward pull on Miss Dorothy’s girdle while at the same time ensuring that her fully fashioned stockings are held taughtly in place.”

 “Those of you familiar with the basic tenets of Madame Georgette’s Academy are also undoubtedly aware that the Head Mistress is most insistent that her students and graduates carry themselves on the highest of heels to add additional restriction and a mincing, lady like deportment to their gait,” continued Madame Beaulingerie.  “In furtherance of that goal, you will notice that Miss Dorothy is wearing a pair Madame Georgette’s specially designed, severe training boots for submissive, middle-aged matrons.  The impossibly high heels force Miss Dorothy’s foot into a steep arch and downward into a short and narrow toe box that forces her to concentrate on each and every painful little step she might take. The tightly laced, heavy patent leather construction of these boots adds an individual corset to each of Miss Dorothy’s slightly plumpish limbs, forcing excess flesh above the pinching top of each boot.” 

 Madame Beaulingerie then reminded everyone that even these specialty items could be purchased as custom fit orders at Madame Georgette’s Gorgeous Girdle Shop. 

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