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Story by Mikki G, Illustrations by Sasha Spyce

As the evening of fashion and fetish delights drew to a conclusion, it was time for the lovely and sexy voiced mistress of ceremonies, Madame Beaulingerie, to do a little modeling of her own while still providing narrative commentary to the appreciative audience. 

 “Ladies, Gentlemen, and all friends of foundation wear,” came the Mistress of Ceremonies’ recognizable voice from behind the slowly opening stage curtain, “I give you our final specialty item of the evening from the design and production staff of Madame Georgette’s Gorgeous Girdle Shop, a beautiful, golden colored, satin paneled smother girdle with a matching long line brassier.”  As she finished these words of introduction the curtain had fully parted, revealing Madame Beaulingerie in all her girdled glory. She was still wearing the same half veiled hat, long black leather gloves, bracelets and other jewelry items, and the same highly polished, black leather, high-heeled boots she had been wearing throughout the course of the evening. She also continued to sport the same long cigarette holder she had been carrying for heightened dramatic effect.  Only her dress and fur piece were missing so as to reveal the highly unusual, high wasted, six gartered, open bottomed girdle she had been wearing under her dress. There was only one additional item that had been added to her ensemble, the head and face of her submissive husband which was held firmly against Madame’s shapely rump by the neck buckle at the base of the matching gold colored, stretch satin hood that extended off of the back satin panel of her richly colored girdle.

“As you can see ladies,” intoned the mistress of ceremonies, “this is a wonderful foundation piece for those times you want your submissives or slaves to worship your beautifully girdled back side.  And, of course, it is equally pleasurable for those who love to properly worship you as well, holding their face so snugly against and between your feminine buttocks while they are enveloped in the satin feel and the scent of this heavenly girdle.” 

As she spoke, Madame Beaulingerie took short little steps across the stage until she reached the tripod sign board indicating the name of the specialty item she was wearing.  Her girdle hooded and straight jacket wearing husband attempted to keep up with his Mistress by taking shuffling little strides with his knees as his ankles were also bound.  

“The most wonderful part of this gorgeous girdle ladies,” she continued, “is when you decide to sit down and give your slave a break from his pathetic attempts to keep up with you as you move about. For it is when you take a seat that the name ‘smother girdle’ really comes in to play – as you can well imagine, and as my husband knows all too well since we obtained this fantastic foundation garment.”

 “Well ladies and gentlemen,” concluded the mistress of ceremonies, “this concludes our show for this evening. We do hope that you enjoyed it and that you’ll come back for future shows. In the mean time, we want to remind you of our auction that will take place next week and that all of the specialty items you have seen here this evening are available as custom orders at Madame Georgette’s Gorgeous Girdle Shop.  Do stop by and pay them a visit.  I know you won’t be disappointed. And for those of you of the weaker sex who believe that you might benefit from some extra training and discipline imposed by firm, figure molding foundations, whether you are male or female, we would also suggest that you inquire with Madame Georgette concerning her Figure Training and Girdle Discipline Academy.”

While this is the end of our fantasy girdle fashion show dear reader, we are not quite finished. In our next installment, we will follow a couple of members of the show’s audience back to their hotel room for a short epilogue.

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